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Supporting Departments
The Domestic Pig Molecular Breeding and Transformational Medicine Research Base in Southwest China

The Domestic Pig Molecular Breeding and Transformational Medicine Research Base in Southwest China was completed and officially started operation in March 2017. The annual breeding source of experimental pigs can reach ten thousand. It is an important part of the "Agricultural Resources Conservation and Molecular Breeding Base”, providing scientific and educational infrastructure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences during the “13th Five-year Plan” period and for the "Seed Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences". The Base, with a standard pig house of about 9000 m2 and well-equipped technical platforms and facilities for molecular breeding and large animal medical model research, can create new breeding materials and disease models through pig gene editing and embryo transfer, and carry out animal experiments in a barrier environment all year round. At present, more than 12,000 pigs from 10 families of small-ear pigs in southern Yunnan province have been purified and bred, and a number of genes for high fertility and African swine fever resistance have been identified. With the help of pig gene editing, new breeding material with an increased number of spines has been obtained, which is crucial to improve the meat yield. The base not only provides source innovation of breeding materials and platform support for national pig breeding industry and large animal medical model research, but also promotes the protection, development and utilization of local refined pig breed resources. KIZ co-constructed “Pig Model Transformational Medical Research Base” with the National Otorhinolaryngology Clinical Medical Research Center of the General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, officially unveiled during the cooperation ceremony in May 2019. After construction, the base will establish the most complete miniature pig deafness model database in China and end the monopoly of foreign animal models of deafness. It has important applications in the field of transformational medical research, which explores the pathogenic mechanism of major diseases such as deafness and the evaluation of new intervention and drug treatment techniques.


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