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Laboratory Animal Breeding Center

The Laboratory Animal Center (LAC) of the Kunming Institute of Zoology is currently devoted to enabling biomedical research using non-human primates and tree shrews, with a special emphasis on domestication and breeding of non-human primates and tree shrews since its establishment. Initially formed as a radiobiological research base, the LAC later became one of three animal research bases of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1982, and is well-known as the first center in China that successfully bred several non-human primates and tree shrews. By 2008, the LAC was also the only facility in mainland China to have passed the stringent Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) evaluation, ensuring that the LAC was fully in line with the highest level of international standards for the utilization of animals for research.

Today, the LAC is a high-grade primate laboratory capable of holding 500 animal study subjects at a time, with accompanying research equipment and facilities spread out over 4,000 square meters. Focusing on leveraging the resources of southwestern China, the LAC provides high-quality non-human primates and tree shrews with known genetic backgrounds for research into human diseases. Totally, the LAC has over 3,000 laboratory grade non-human primates, including macaque (macaca mulatta), cynomolgus (macaca fascicularis), pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina), stump-tailed macaque (macaca arctoides), assam macaque (macaca assamensis), Yunnan golden monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti). The LAC also is the largest site for Tree Shrew breeding in China, with 3,000+ tree shrews (tupaia belangeri) currently housed in its facilities.

Over the next decade, the LAC intends to further its work into drug development and the advancement of the Tree Shrew as an animal model for biomedical research, making it an internationally recognized research platform for animal models of human diseases.

The LAC offers a variety of services to both academic institutions and private sector companies, including:

1. Drug screening, pharmacodynamic evaluation in the therapy of infectious diseases, neurological diseases, tumor diseases, metabolic disease, etc.

2. Laboratory-grade macaca mulatta, tree shrews and accompany tissue samples.

3. Contracted experimental and research services.

4. Consultation and personnel training into the uses of laboratory monkey and tree shrews, including services focused on engineering, technical specialization, or management protocols.

5. Virus, microbial, and parasites detection of laboratory animals.


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