Man vs. Snow: Heavy Snow No Match for KIZ’s Disaster Preparedness Plan

On January 9, 2015, temperatures dropped to -5°C and Kunming—the city of eternal spring—was hit by heavy snow. The Honghuakong animal park suffered blackouts, poor road conditions and lapsed communications as a result of the inclement weather, but even worse, the snow caused panic and feeding delays for the more than 5000 experimental animals living in the park.  Fortunately personnel from KIZ were quickly dispatched to pour sand on slippery road services, repair damaged buildings and operate backup generators to warm the animal shelters.

Personnel remained on site for over 24 hours to ensure smooth operations, while leadership supervised from the front lines. Order at parks were preserved through the concerted efforts and decisive management efforts of the leadership team, and damage was minimized. In total, staff worked tirelessly for over 72 hours until municipal authorities restored power to the area on January 11.


(By Andrew Willden)


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