“Bugging” Children about Science Education

Earlier this year, staff at the Kunming Museum of Natural History welcomed parents and children from Wuhua District Plastic Manufacturing Educational Training Centre for a day of learning about the insects that inhabit southwestern China.

As the visitors wandered throughout exhibits scattered across the Museum, staff hosted lectures on the insect world, teaching visitors about different types of insects, where they lived, what they ate, and how they fit into human daily life. Children were also invited to a special workshop in the museum agora to practice pinning butterflies and learn about the preservation and storage of insect specimens.

In line with ongoing initiatives to promote environmental awareness throughout Yunnan Province, the Museum has been hosting summer and winter camps for local students and parents since summer 2014. These camps were started to promote the importance of natural history and science education to the growing populace of Yunnan’s urban centers.

(By Andrew Willden)


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