Training Course on English Writing by Andrew Willden

Students and researchers consistently struggle with converting the results of their experiments into high-quality manuscripts that are clear, concise and insightful. Although there are many aspects to constructing high-impact manuscripts, students in China often have difficulty contextualizing their methodology results within the larger questions and discussions going on within their field.

Mr. Andrew Willden, who works as deputy chief of science communications at the institute gives a lecture regarding improving English writing on July 15th. The lecture is mainly to host a discussion to help students learn how to effectively conduct literature reviews throughout their entire careers to write better manuscripts, effectively position their submissions, actively find postdoc opportunities, and become more comfortable talking about their research.

By providing examples from his previous experience at the institute, Andrew gives good suggestions for improving writing skills. Firstly, develop a good habit: taking good notes while reading papers, and making a summary for it. Secondly, learn from literature review to improve writing a manuscript. Thirdly, position a journal before you submit your manuscript. Fourthly, target a specific research for the career. 

(By Chun-Yu Liu) 




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