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SZDB: A Database for Schizophrenia Genetic Research
2017-09-18 | Author: | From:

SZDB: A Database for Schizophrenia Genetic Research. Schizophr Bull, 2017, 43(2):459-471

Title: SZDB: A Database for Schizophrenia Genetic Research.

Author: Wu Y, Yao YG, Luo XJ

Publication Name: Schizophr Bull

Pub Year: 2017

Volume: 43

Issue: 2

Page Number: 459-471

IF: 7.757


Schizophrenia (SZ) is a debilitating brain disorder with a complex genetic architecture. Genetic studies, especially recent genome-wide association studies (GWAS), have identified multiple variants (loci) conferring risk to SZ. However, how to efficiently extract meaningful biological information from bulk genetic findings of SZ remains a major challenge. There is a pressing need to integrate multiple layers of data from various sources, eg, genetic findings from GWAS, copy number variations (CNVs), association and linkage studies, gene expression, protein-protein interaction (PPI), co-expression, expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL), and Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) data, to provide a comprehensive resource to facilitate the translation of genetic findings into SZ molecular diagnosis and mechanism study. Here we developed the SZDB database (http://www.szdb.org/), a comprehensive resource for SZresearch. SZ genetic data, gene expression data, network-based data, brain eQTL data, and SNP function annotation information were systematically extracted, curated and deposited in SZDB. In-depth analyses and systematic integration were performed to identify top prioritized SZ genes and enriched pathways. Multiple types of data from various layers of SZ research were systematically integrated and deposited in SZDB. In-depth data analyses and integration identified top prioritized SZ genes and enriched pathways. We further showed that genes implicated in SZ are highly co-expressed in human brain and proteins encoded by the prioritized SZ risk genes are significantly interacted. The user-friendly SZDB provides high-confidence candidate variants and genes for further functional characterization. More important, SZDB provides convenient online tools for data search and browse, data integration, and customized data analyses. 

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