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Seminar (April 05, 2017)
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Title: Immune Oncology: An Industry Perspective on Recent History and Future Opportunities. 

Speaker: Allen Ebens, Ph.D. (Senior Director, Immune Oncology, NGM Biopharmaceuticals) 

Time: April 05 (Wednesday) 2017, 10:00am

Venue: Conference room 327, 3rd floor, Main building, KIZ

Everyone is welcome!


Introduction of the speaker

Dr. Ebens is currently Senior Director in Immune Oncology, leads oncology efforts at NGM Biopharmaceuticals. Before joining NGM, he was Senior Director of Discovery Research at Juno Therapeutics and Associate Director of Research Oncology in Genentech. Over the past 20 years in oncology drug discovery, he and his team advanced 6 molecules from concept-to-clinic and is inventor of 18 issued patents and >20 pending patent applications. Dr. Ebens earned his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Washington and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles and obtained his postdoctoral training at the University of California, San Francisco. 

Selected Publications

1. Sun LL, Ellerman D, Mathieu M, Hristopoulos M, Chen X, Li Y, Yan X, Clark R, Reyes A, Stefanich E, Mai E, Young J, Johnson C, Huseni M, Wang X, Chen Y, Wang P, Wang H, Dybdal N, Chu YW, Chiorazzi N, Scheer JM, Junttila T, Totpal K, Dennis MS, Ebens AJ. Anti-CD20/CD3 T cell-dependent bispecific antibody for the treatment of B cell malignancies. Sci Transl Med. 2015, 13;7(287):287ra70. 

2. Munugalavadla V, Mariathasan S, Slaga D, Du C, Berry L, Del Rosario G, Yan Y, Boe M, Sun L, Friedman LS, Chesi M, Leif Bergsagel P, Ebens A. The PI3K inhibitor GDC-0941 combines with existing clinical regimens for superior activity in multiple myeloma. Oncogene. 2014, 16;33(3):316-25. 

3. Junttila TT, Li J, Johnston J, Hristopoulos M, Clark R, Ellerman D, Wang BE, Li Y, Mathieu M, Li G, Young J, Luis E, Lewis Phillips G, Stefanich E, Spiess C, Polson A, Irving B, Scheer JM, Junttila MR, Dennis MS, Kelley R, Totpal K, Ebens A. Antitumor efficacy of a bispecific antibody that targets HER2 and activates T cells. Cancer Res. 2014, 1;74(19):5561-71. 

4. Shen BQ, Xu K, Liu L, Raab H, Bhakta S, Kenrick M, Parsons-Reponte KL, Tien J, Yu SF, Mai E, Li D, Tibbitts J, Baudys J, Saad OM, Scales SJ, McDonald PJ, Hass PE, Eigenbrot C, Nguyen T, Solis WA, Fuji RN, Flagella KM, Patel D, Spencer SD, Khawli LA, Ebens A, Wong WL, Vandlen R, Kaur S Sliwkowski MX, Scheller RH, Polakis P, Junutula JR. Conjugation site modulates the in vivo stability and therapeutic activity of antibody-drug conjugates. Nat Biotechnol. 2012, 22;30(2):184-9. 

5. Polson AG, Williams M, Gray AM, Fuji RN, Poon KA, McBride J, Raab H, Januario T, Go M, Lau J, Yu SF, Du C, Fuh F, Tan C, Wu Y, Liang WC, Prabhu S, Stephan JP, Hongo JA, Dere RC, Deng R, Cullen M, de Tute R, Bennett F, Rawstron A, Jack A, Ebens A. Anti-CD22-MCC-DM1: an antibody-drug conjugate with a stable linker for the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Leukemia. 2010, 24(9):1566-73. 




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