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Seminar(September 27, 2018)
2018-10-12 | Author: | From:

Title: Fat Hormones in Metabolic Control  

Speaker: Dr. G. William Wong (School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, US) 

Host: Prof. Xudong Zhao (KIZ, CAS)

Time: September 27 (Thursday) 2018, 14: 00pm

Venue: Laboratory of Southwestern Biodiversity, 1st floor conference room (1-24-26)

Everyone is welcome! 

Introduction of the speaker:

William is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Center for Metabolism and Obesity Research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He received Ph.D. degree from Harvard University, working on innate immunity, followed by post-doctoral training at the Whitehead Institute at M.I.T. In 2008, william joined the faculty at Johns Hopkins University. His research efforts in the past decade focuses on understanding hormonal control of tissue crosstalk and energy metabolism, specifically the physiological functions and mechanisms of action of a novel family of fifteen secreted hormones (termed CTRP1-15) originally identified by himself in 2004. He continue to lead the study of CTRP hormones using a combination of molecular, cellular, and genetic (transgenic and knockout) approaches to address their roles in tissue crosstalk and energy homeostasis. William has about 78 papers, and some of which are published on Cell Metabolism, PNAS, Cell Reports, JBC etc. 


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