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Seminar (December 06, 2019)
2019-12-26 | Author: | From:

Speaker: Dr. Cirong Liu

Title: Marmoset Brain Mapping Project

Host: Prof. Bingyu Mao (KIZ, CAS)

Time: December 06 (Friday), 2019, 09: 00am

Venue: Conference 327, KIZ main campus

Everyone is welcome! 



Introduction of the speaker

Dr. Cirong Liu obtained the M.s. degree (2012.07; macaque MRI) at Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ph.D. degree (2016.07; rodent MRI) from the Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, followed by a postdoc training (2016.10-2019.07; marmoset MRI) at the Laboratory of Functional and Molecular Imaging, NINDS, NIH. He has rich experience and a strong track record in animal MRI imaging, and started the Marmoset Brain Mapping Project.

Presentation abstract:

The Marmoset Brain Mapping Project was launched in Nov 2016, aiming at building comprehensive MRI-based marmoset brain atlases and tools to facilitate neuroimaging and connectome studies of marmosets. With supports and helps from multiple labs, we have made significant progress during these years, not only in developing atlases for mapping the marmoset brain, but also in pushing the resolution limit of non-human primate MRI (Liu, et al, Neuroimage, 2018; Liu, et al, Nature Communication, 2019; Liu, et al, Nature Neuroscience, accepted). These efforts resulted in useful atlases and tools for the marmoset research, and unique and valuable dMRI data that can be of interests to researchers who are in the MRI research field. Via the website (marmosetbrainmapping.org), we shared all of our fruits, including raw data, to the research community. Our "effort-tree" is still growing and we hope the current and the future fruits will promote open-science and contribute to a better understanding of the brain by using marmoset animal models.

Adress:No.32 Jiaochang Donglu Kunming 650223 Yunnan, China Tel:86-871-65197869