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Curriculum Notification (Aug. 02---Aug.07)
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the Key Points of Modern Evolutionary Biology” 


Speaker: Dr. Jin-Zhong FU 

Venue: KIZ main building, 3rd floor conference room 327 


Aug. 02  

Title: Evolution at the population level (micro-evolution) 

9:00-12:00: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE); HWE and natural selection;  

HWE and mutation;  

14:30-17:30: HWE and migration;  

HWE and genetic drift HWE and non-random mating;  



Aug. 03 

Title: Evolution at the population level (micro-evolution) 

9:00-12:00: Evolution at two loci: Linage disequilibrium; 

Evolution at multiple loci: Quantitative genetics; 

Title: Selection and adaptation  

14:30-17:30: Natural selection revised: related concepts and misconcepts;  

Sexual selection: modes and mechanisms; 


Aug. 05 

Title: Selection and adaptation 

9:00-12:00: Kin selection and others (reciprocal altruism, spatial sorting etc.) (X2); Adaptation and the study of adaptation (X2); 

14:30-17:30: Species and speciation (X2); Molecular evolution and genomics; 


Aug. 06 

Title: Selection and adaptation 

9:00-12:00: Development and evolution; Case study: life history evolution/adaptation;  

Case study: Evolution of sex (X2); Evolution of human health; 


Aug. 07 

Title: History of Life 

9:00-12:00: Origin of life; The Cambrian explosion/extinction;  

Patterns in macroevolution; Human evolution 

Dr. Jinzhong Fu currently is an associate professor in Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph. His research is phylogenetics oriented. With a phylogenetic framework, his lab evaluates biodiversity and other important evolutionary issues and mainly focuses on molecular polygenetics and its application to the study of speciation, sexual selection and conservation. More details could be obtained by his webpage (http://www.uoguelph.ca/ib/people/faculty/fu.shtml). 



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