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Kunming wild animal cell bank
Southern China Center of IBOL
Core Facility

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Kunming wild animal cell bank

Kunming wild animal cell bank,the Chinese Academy of Science (Kunming cell bank), was established in 1986. So far, we have preserved 1455 cell lines from 298 animal species (4 insects, 24 fishes, 17 amphibians and reptiles, 25 birds, 228 mammals). Besides animal cell lines, we have also preserved about 1200 pieces of tissues from over 200 animal species, 45 sets animal chromosome-specific probes and bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) and fosmid libraries from four animals.

Main services

•Providing various animal cell lines and tissue/DNA samples for researchers in China
• Cell culture training
• Karyotype analysis service
• Mycoplasma testing service
• Deposit service
•Flourescence in situ hybridization 

Main equipments

1.Microscopes and CytoVision systems

2. Biological safety cabine and Co2 incubator

3. Centrifuges and Thermocyclers

4. Spectrophotometer

Adress:No.32 Jiaochang Donglu Kunming 650223 Yunnan, China  Tel:86-871-5199125