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Upcoming Seminar (22-May-2014)
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SpeakerDr. HUANG Jinling (East Carolina University, US) 

TitleThe horizontal gene transfer in multicellular eukaryotes 

Time and Venue: 22-May-2014; 14:30 

KIZ main building, 3nd floor conference room 327 

Selected publications of Dr. HUANG:  

1Huang, J. 2013. The weak-link model of horizontal gene transfer in eukaryotes.BioEssays, in press.  

2Huang, J. and Yue J. 2013. Horizontal gene transfer in the evolution of photosynthetic eukaryotes. Journal of Systematics and Evolution, 51:13-29.  

3Yue, J., Hu X., Sun H., Yang Y., and Huang J. 2012. Widespread impact of horizontal gene transfer on plant colonization of land. Nature Communications, 3:1152.  

4Yang, Z. and Huang J. 2011. De novo origin of new genes with introns in Plasmodium vivax. FEBS Letters, 585:641-644.  

5Sun, G., Z. Yang, A. Iswar, and Huang J. 2010. Algal genes in the closest relatives of animals. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 27:2879-2889.  

6Fournier, G., Huang, J. and Gogarten J. P. 2009. Horizontal gene transfer from extinct and extant lineages: biological innovation and the coral of life. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, B, 364:2229-2239  

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