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Dr. Ni Hong from National University of Singapore gave an academic talk in KIZ
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Dr. Ni Hong, a post-doctor from DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, National University of Singapore, gave a talk on Haploid embryonic stem (ES) cells and semicloning in Kunming Institution of Zoology CAS, on October 17, as invited by the State Key laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution.

Focusing on the research of haploid embryonic stem cells, Dr. Ni Hong briefly introduced the concept of embryonic stem (ES) cells, and then she represented medaka as an emerging vertebrate model for cell research due to availability of experimental strains. Based on the model, haploid embryonic stem cells were successfully established and the daughter fish ‘Holly’ was obtained by semicloning technology, which broke through the former prediction that haploid stem cells were impossible in vertebrates. Finally, Dr. Ni Hong answered questions from the audiences. After the talk ended in a pleasant atmosphere, Dr. Ni Hong together with Professor Yunhan Hong discussed on the related issues of collaboration with Professor Yaping Zhang’s group.

Dr. Ni Hong now is working in DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School, National University of Singapore as a post doctorial researcher, and she mainly focuses on embryonic stem cells and semicloning. As a major contributor, her work was published in well-known international journals such as PLoS One, Science, Stem Cells Dev etc..


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