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    Core Facility

Kunming wild animal cell bank
Southern China Center of IBOL
Core Facility

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Core facility
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To support the researches of the lab, the core facility is established in Nov. 2008. At present, it has three platforms, gene function platform, proteomics platform and bioinformatics platform. The platforms are also open to researchers from outside the lab.

l gene function analysis

1. Affymetrix GeneChip scanner

2. SNPstream genotyping system

3. Beckman GeXP Genetic Analysis System

4. Roche LightCycler 480

♦ proteomics analysis platform

GE Two-dimensional Electrophoresis

♦ high performance computer

Other equipment

1.Leica Fluorescence Microscopy

2. Bio-Rad Chef Mapper XA

3. Agilent 2100


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