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Upcoming Seminar (16-June-2014)

SpeakerDr. Ingolf Michale BachUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School

Title Sex-specific epigenetic regulation of female nurturing tissues by the X chromosome in mice

Time and Venue:    16-June-2014; 10:00am

KIZ main building, 3nd floor conference room 327

Introductions of Dr. Ingolf Michale Bach

Professional Experience 

  1993 - 1996 Postdoctoral Training, HHMI, School of Medicine, University of California– San Diego, La Jolla, CA

  1996 - 1998 Assistant Research Biologist, HHMI, School of Medicine, University of California - San Diego, La Jolla, CA

  1998 - 2005 Independent Group Leader (Assistant Professor), Center for Molecular Neurobiology (ZMNH), University of Hamburg. Habilitation at the Medical Faculty of the University of Hamburg on 5/9/2001

  Since 2005 Professor, Program in Gene Function and Expression, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA

Original Research Articles (selected)  

  1.Ostendorff HP*, Peirano RI*, Peters MA, Schlüter A, Bossenz M, Scheffner M & Bach I (2002). Ubiquitination-dependent cofactor exchange on LIM homeodomain transcription factors. Nature 416, 99-103 PMCID: 11882901

  2.Becker T, Ostendorff HP, Bossenz M, Schlüter A, Becker CG, Peirano RI & Bach I (2002). Multiple functions of LIM domain-binding CLIM/NLI/Ldb cofactors during zebrafish embryogenesis. Mech Dev 117, 75-85 PMID: 12204249

  3.Becker T*, Bossenz M*, Tursun B, Schlüter A, Becker CG, Ostendorff HP & Bach I (2003).Comparing protein stabilities during zebrafish embryogenesis. Methods Cell Sci 25, 85-9  PMID: 14739592

  4.Tursun B*, Schlüter A*, Peters MA, Viehweger B, Ostendorff HP, Bossenz M, Soosairaja J, Drung A, Johnsen SA, Schweizer M, Bernard O & Bach I (2005). The ubiquitin ligase Rnf6 regulates local LIM kinase 1 levels in axonal growth cones. Genes Dev 19, 2307-19 (Cover illustration) PMID: 16204183

  5.Ostendorff HP*, Tursun B*, Schlüter A, Cornils K, Drung A, Güngör C & Bach I (2006). Dynamic expression of LIM domain-binding cofactors in the developing murine neural tube. Dev Dyn 235, 786-91 PMID: 16395690

  6.Güngör C*, Taniguchi-Ishigaki N*, Ma H, Drung A, Tursun B, Ostendorff HP, Bossenz M, Becker CG, Becker T & Bach I (2007). Proteasomal selection of multiprotein complexes recruited by LIM-HD transcription factors. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104, 15000-5 PMID: 17848518

  7.Johnsen SA*,#, Güngör C*, Prenzel T, Riethdorf S, Taniguchi-Ishigaki N, Riethdorf L, Rau T, Tursun B, Furlow JD, Sauter G, Scheffner M, Pantel K, Gannon F & Bach I# (2009). Regulation of estrogen-dependent transcription by the LIM cofactors CLIM and RLIM in breast cancer. Cancer Res 69, 128-36 PMID: 19117995

  8.Shin J, Bossenz M*, Chung Y*, Ma H, Byron M, Taniguchi-Ishigaki N, Zhu X, Jiao B, Hall LL, Green MR, Jones SN, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Lawrence JB & Bach I (2010). Maternal Rnf12/RLIM is required for imprinted X-chromosome inactivation in mice. Nature 467, 977-81 PMID: 20962847

  9.Zhong Z, Ma H, Taniguchi-Ishigaki N, Nagarajan L, Becker CG, Bach I*,# & Becker T*,# (2011). SSDP cofactors regulate neural patterning and differentiation of specific axonal projections. Dev Biol 349, 213-24 PMID: 21056553

  10.Jiao B, Ma H, Shokirev MN, Drung A, Yang Q, Shin J, Lu S, Byron M, Kalantry S, Mercurio AM, Lawrence JB, Hoffmann A & Bach I (2012). Paternal RLIM/Rnf12 is a survival factor for milk-producing alveolar cells. Cell 149, 630-41 PMID: 22541433

  11.Jiao B*, Taniguchi-Ishigaki N*, Güngör C*, Peters MA*, Chen YW, Riethdorf S, Drung A, Ahronian LG, Shin J, Pagnis R, Pantel K, Tachibana T, Lewis BC, Johnsen SA* & Bach I  (2013). Functional activity of RLIM/Rnf12 is regulated by phosphorylation-dependent nucleocytoplasmic shuttling. Mol Biol Cell 24, 3085-96 PMID: 23904271

  12.Shin J, Wallingford MC, Gallant J, Marcho C, Jiao B, Byron M, Bossenz M, Lawrence JB, Jones SN, Mager J & Bach I (2014). Rnf12/RLIM is dispensable for X chromosome inactivation in the mouse embryonic epiblast. Nature, in press DOI 10.1038/nature13286


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