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Mitogenome evidence disclosed Ice Age Human migrations from northern coastal China to the Americas and Japan

  It is now widely recognized that the Native Americans, also called Indigenous Americans, reached the Americas from Asia as early as the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM; 26500-19000 years ago). Previous studies suggested the ancestors of Native Americans primarily came from Siberia. Now researchers led by Prof. KONG Qing-Peng from Kunming Institute of Zoology disclosed an additional ancestral sou... more
Researchers Reveal H3K4me3 Regulates the Inviability of Interspecific Xenopus Hybrids

  Increasing evidence suggests that interspecific hybridization is crucial to speciation. However, chromatin incompatibility during interspecific hybridization often renders this process. Genomic imbalances such as chromosomal DNA loss and rearrangements leading to infertility have been commonly noted in hybrids. The mechanism underlying reproductive isolation of interspecific hybridization ... more
Immunity: Lai Ren's Team Reveals that Lipopolysaccharide/endotoxin-binding Protein is an Important factor in the inhibition of monoamine synthesis and the development of depression

  Major depressive disorder (MDD) is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is expected to become the leading cause of the global disease burden by 2030. The "monoamine hypothesis of depression" suggests that monoamine deficiency is an important factor in the development of depression, therefore, the pharmacological mechanism of current first-line antidepressants is mainly to inhibit ... more
Researchers Uncover Novel p53-independent Quality Control Factor of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs)

  A research lab led by Prof. ZHENG Ping from Kunming Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has identified a p53-independent quality control factor which favors the rapid shutdown of the regulatory circuitry of pluripotency at the post-transcriptional levels, thereby ensuring robust differentiation and apoptosis in response to unrepaired DNA damage.
  ESCs hold wide appli... more
Researchers Uncover Neural Innate Immune Mechanism Underlying Neurodegeneration Induced by Pathogen Infection

  A research lab led by Dr. ZENG Jianxiong from Kunming Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Prof. ZHAO Zhen from Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, have discovered the cGAS-STING pathway-mediated innate immune mechanism underlying the development and progression of neurodegenerative Alzheimer's disease (AD).
  AD mainly oc... more
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