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Upcoming Seminar (20-April-2014)

SpeakerDr. Qin Shen (Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Tsinghua University)

TitleRegulation of neural stem cell development by intrinsic mechanisms and niche factors

Time and Venue:    20-April-2014; 16:00

KIZ main building, 2nd floor conference room 237

  Introductions of Dr. Qin Shen: 

  Areas of interest 

  Nervous system development and disease 

  Neural stem cell and cancer stem cell biology 

  Translational neuroscience in neurodegenerative diseases and brain cancer 


  Ph.D.,  Albany Medical College, Center of Neuropharmacology and Neuroscience. Albany, NY, USA, 2001  

  B.S.,  Shanghai Medical University, School of Pharmacy, Major in Pharmacology. Shanghai, P.R. China 1986-1991  

  Selected publications:

  1.  Cai, Y., Zhang, Y., Shen, Q., Rubenstein JL, Yang Z. (2013) A subpopulation of individual neural progenitors in the Mammalian dorsal pallium generates both projection neurons and interneurons in vitro. Stem Cells. 31(6):1193-201.  

  2.  Kokovay, E., Wang, Y., Kusek, G., Wurster, R., Lederman, P., Lowry, N., Shen, Q.,* Temple, S.* (2012) VCAM1 is essential to maintain the structure of the SVZ niche and acts as an environmental sensor to regulate SVZ lineage progression. Cell Stem Cell. 11(2):220-30. 

  3.   Hu, XL., Wang, Y., Shen, Q.* (2012) Epigenetic control on cell fate choice in neural stem cells. Protein Cell. 3(4):278-90.  

  4.  Chuang, S.M., Wang, Y., Wang, Q., Liu, K.M., Shen Q*. (2011) Ebf2 Marks Early Cortical Neurogenesis and Regulates the Generation of Cajal-Retzius Neurons in the Developing Cerebral Cortex. Dev Neurosci. 33(6):479-93 [2011 Oct 27. Epub ahead of print] 

  5.  Erzsebet, K., Goderie, S., Wang, Y., Lin, G., Roysam, B., Shen, Q., Temple, S. (2010) Adult SVZ lineage cells home to and leave the niche via differential responses to SDF1/CXCR4 signaling. Cell Stem Cell 7(2):163-173 

  6.  Shen, Q.* and Temple, S. (2009) Fine control: microRNA regulates adult neurogenesis. Nature Neurosci. 12 (4): 369-370  

  7.  Slater, J.L., Landman, K.A., Hughes, B.D., Shen, Q., Temple, S. (2009) Cell lineage tree models of neurogenesis. J Theor Biol. 256(2):164-79. Epub 2008 Oct 15. 

  8.  Kokovay, E., Shen, Q., Temple, S. (2008) The incredible elastic brain: how neural stem cells expand our minds. Neuron 60(3):420-9. 

  9.  Shen, Q., Wang, Y., Kokovay, E., Lin, G., Chuang, S.M., Goderie, S.K., Roysam, B., Temple, S. (2008) Adult SVZ stem cells lie in a vascular niche: a quantitative analysis of niche cell-cell interactions. Cell Stem Cell 3(3):289-300.  

   Laboratory of Oncobiology



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