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Upcoming Seminar (29-April-2014)

Report 1:

SpeakerDr. KONG Xinxin

TitleIRF4 is the thermogenic transcriptional partner of PGC-1a 

Report 2:

SpeakerDr. LIU Tiemin (Division of Hypothalamic Research, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center) 

TitleMelanocortin signaling regulates energy balance, glucose homeostasis and Thermogenic properties of adipose tissue

Time and Venue:    29-April-2014; 14:00

KIZ main building, 3nd floor conference room 327

Selected publications of the speakers: 

  1. Kong X, Banks AS, Liu T, Kazak L, Rao RR, Cohen P, Wang X, Yu S, Lo JC, Tseng YH, Cypess AM, Xue R, Kleiner S, Kang S, Spiegelman BM and Rosen ED. IRF4 is a key thermogenic transcriptional partner of PGC-1a. Cell,In press. 2014  

  2. Long JZ, Svensson KJ, Tsai L, Zeng X, Roh HC, Kong X, Rao RR, Lou J, Lokurkar I, Baur W, Castellot Jr. JJ, Rosen ED, Spiegelman BM. A Smooth Muscle-Like Origin for Beige Adipocytes. Cell Metabolism, In press. 2014  

  3. Eguchi J*, Kong X*,Tenta M, Wang X, Kang S, and Rosen ED. Interferon regulatory factor 4 regulates obesity-induced inflammation through regulation of adipose tissue macrophage polarization. Diabetes. 62(10):3394-403. 2013 (*,Co-first author)  

  4. Kong X, Wang R, Xue Y, Liu X, Zhang H, Chen Y,Fang F,Chang Y.Sirtuin 3, a new target of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γcoactivator-1α, plays an important role in the suppression of reactive oxygen species. PLos One.5(7):e11707, 2010.  

  5. Liu X, Qiao A, Ke Y, Kong X, Liang J, Wang R, Ouyang X, Zuo J, Chang Y, and Fang F.FoxO1 Represses LXRα-Mediated Transcriptional Activity of SREBP-1c Promoter. FEBS Lett.22; 584(20):4330-4, 2010.  

  6. Shao D, Liu Y, Liu X, Zhu L, Cui Y, Cui A, Qiao A, Kong X, Liu Y, Chen Q, Gupta N, Fang F, Chang Y. PGC-1β-Regulated mitochondrial biogenesis and function in myotubes is mediated by NRF-1 and ERRα. Mitochondrion. 10(5):516-27, 2010.  

  7. Wang R, Kong X, Cui A, Liu X, Xiang R, Yang Y, Guan Y, Fang F, Chang Y.SREBP-1c Mediates the Effect of Insulin on the Expression of Cidea in Mouse Hepatocytes.Biochemistry J 430(2): 245-254, 2010.  


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