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Dr. Xu Wang, April 11

Title: Transcriptome and allele frequency responses to selection for tame/aggressive behaviors in silver foxes (vulpes vulpes) 

Speaker: Xu Wang, Ph.D.

Time: April 11 (Tuesday) 2017, 10:00am

Venue: Laboratory of Southwestern Biodiversity, 1st floor conference room (1-24-26)

Everyone is welcome!


Selected Publications

  1. Rago A, Gilbert D, Choi JH, Sackton T, Wang X, Kelkar Y, Werren JH, Colbourne JK (2016) OGS2: Genome Re-Annotation of the Jewel Wasp Nasonia vitripennnis. BMC Genomics, 17:678.

  2. Wang X*, Werren JH*, Clark AG* (2016) Allele-specific transcriptome and methylome analysis reveals stable transmission and cis-regulation of DNA methylation in Nasonia. PLoS Biology, 14(7):e1002500. (*co-corresponding authors)

  3. Alexander KA, Wang X, Shibata M, Clark AG, Garcia-Garcia MJ (2015) Genomic imprinting is regulated by TRIM28 through a novel mechanism that is distinct from the maintenance of germline imprints. Cell Reports, 13(6):1194-1205.

  4. Wang X, Werren JH, Clark AG (2015) Genetic and epigenetic architecture of sex-biased expression in the jewel wasps Nasonia vitripennis and giraulti. PNAS, 112(27): E3545-E3554. Commented in Biology of Reproduction.

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