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Professor Cheng-Hua Yang & Lily Yang (April 21, 2017)

Speaker 1Prof. Cheng-Hua Yang (Lab of Targeted Cancer therapy and translational medicine, Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, CAS)

Title 1The CBM complex: promising therapeutic target for ABC-DLBCL

Speaker 2Prof. Lily Yang (Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Emory University, US)

Title 2Promises and Challenges in Applications of Theranostic Nanoparticles for Precision Oncology.   

Time: April 21 (Thursday) 2017, 09:00am

Venue: Conference room 327, 3rd floor, Main building, KIZ

Everyone is welcome!


Introduction of the speakers

Prof. Cheng-Hua Yang   

Education Background & Academic Experience
Dr. Yang received her Bachelor of Medicine degree in Clinical Medicine from Xiangya Medical School, Central South University in 2002, and her Ph.D degree in Biochemistry from Colorado State University in 2009. Between 2009 and 2012, she worked as a postdoctoral associate in the department of Biochemistry at Weill Cornell Medical College. Then she worked as a Research Scholar at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center from 2012 to 2014. In early 2014, Dr. Yang joined the Institute for Nutritional Science, Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, CAS as a professor and group leader.

Research Interests
Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Our group is interested in developing novel molecular diagnostic methods and targeted therapies for cancer, with emphasis on aggressive lymphoma and prostate cancer

Lily Yang, MD, PhD

Dr. Yang holds multiple NIH grants and is a translational cancer researcher who specializes in the development of novel cancer imaging and targeted therapeutic agents. Her research experiences include tumor immunology, cancer stem cells, cancer gene therapy, apoptosis resistance, molecular targeted cancer therapy, nanoparticle imaging probes, and theranostic nanoparticles for targeted cancer therapy and imaging. Dr. Yang is a member of the Cancer Cell Biology Research Program at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, and holds professional memberships with American Association for Cancer Research, American Society of Nanomedicine, and National Cancer Institute Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer. Her research projects focus on the development of novel cancer nanotechnologies and imaging methods to address the major challenges in clinical oncology of early cancer detection, targeted drug delivery, overcoming drug resistance, assessment of therapeutic response using non-invasive imaging, and image-guided surgery.


Laboratory of Oncobiology 

 Laboratory of Tumor Signal Transductions

  Key laboratory of Animal Models and Human Disease Mechanisms 




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