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Sheng Li (South China Normal University) (April 16, 2018)

Speaker: Prof. Sheng Li (South China Normal University) 

TitleThe metamorphic development and insect biodiversity

Time: April 16 (Monday) 2018, 16: 30pm

Venue: Conference 237, KIZ main campus

Everyone is welcome! 

Key Laboratory of Animal Models and Human Diseases Mechanisms

Laboratory of Lipid Metabolism and Diseases


Selective Publications of Prof. Sheng Li

1. Li, S.*, Zhu, S., Jia, Q., Yuan, D., Ren, C., Li, K., Liu, S., Cui, Y., Zhao, H., Cao, Y., Fang, G., Li, D., Zhao, X., Zhang, J., Yue, Q., Fan, Y., Yu, X., Feng, Q., Zhan, S., 2018. Genomic adaption to urban environments and developmental plasticity in the American cockroach. Nature Communications, in press. (IF12.124) 

2. Liu, S., Li, K., Gao, Y., Liu, X., Chen, W., Ge, W., Feng, Q., Palli, S.R., Li, S.*, 2018. Antagonistic actions of juvenile hormone and 20-hydroxyecdysone within the ring gland determine developmental transitions in Drosophila. PNAS, 115: 139-144. (IF9.661) 

3. Ma, L., Li, K., Guo, Y., Sun X., Deng, H., Li, K., Feng, Q., Li, S.*, 2018. Ras-Raf-MAPK signaling promotes nuclear localization of FOXA transcriptional factor SGF1 via Ser91 phosphorylation. BBA-Molecular Cell Research, 1865: 560-571. (IF4.6) 

4. Jia, Q., Liu, S., Wen, D., Chen, Y., Bendena, W.G., Wang, J., Li, S.*, 2017. Juvenile hormone and 20-hydroxyecdysone coordinately control the developmental timing of matrix metalloproteinase-induced fat body cell dissociation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 292: 21504-21516. (IF4.573) 

5. Li, K., Tian, L., Guo, Z., Guo, S., Zhang, J., Gu, S-H., Palli, S.R., Cao, Y., Li, S.*, 2016. 20-Hydroxyecdysone (20E) Primary Response Gene E75 isoforms mediate steroidogenesis autoregulation and regulate developmental timing. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291:18163-18175 (IF4.573) 

6. Wen, D., Rivera-Perez, C., Abdou, M., Jia, Q., He, Q., Liu, X., Zyann, O., Xu. J., Bendena, W.G., Tobe, S.S., Noriega, F.G., Palli, S.R., Wang, J., Li, S.*, 2015. Methyl farnesoate plays a dual role in regulating Drosophila metamorphosis. PLoS Genetics, 11:e1005038. (IF 8.167) 

7. Liu, X., Dai, F., Guo, E., Li, K., Ma, L., Tian, L., Cao, Y., Palli, S.R., Li, S.*, 2015. 20-Hydroxyecdysone (20E) primary-response gene E93 modulates 20E signaling to promote Bombyx larval-pupal metamorphosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290:27370-27383. (IF 4.68) 

8. Tian, L., Ma, L., Guo, E., Deng, X., Ma, S., Xia, Q., Cao, Y., Li, S.*, 2013. 20-hydroxyecdysone upregulates Atg genes to induce autophagy in the Bombyx fat body. Autophagy, 9:1167-1182. (IF 11.423) 

9. Ma, L., Xu, H., Zhu, J., Ma, S., Liu, Y., Jiang, R-J., Xia, Q, Li, S.*, 2011. Ras1CA overexpression in the posterior silk gland improves silk yield. Cell Research, 21:934-943. (IF 11.981) (Highlighted by Belles, X. 2011 Cell Research 21:862-863) 







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