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Scientists Found a Small Molecule Compound to Inhibits the Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is a common female malignant tumor .It is urgent to identify new therapeutic targets and develop effective drugs to improve the survival rate of patients with TNBC . The previous studies have shown that transcription factor KLF5 is an effective therapeutic target for TNBC . Professor CHEN Ceshi from Tumor Biology group .Kunming Institute of Zoology , Chinese Academy of Sciences , ... more
Kunming Institute of Zoology Reveals the Molecular Mechanism of Autophagy in Drug Addiction
Recently , a research group led by Dr . YAO Yonggang and Dr . XU Lin at Kunming Institute of Zoology ( KIZ ) of Chinese Academy of Sciences in collaboration with Dr . DING Yuqiang at the Tongji University .Drug addiction is a chronic , relapsing brain disorder , characterized by compulsive drug use , sensitization and dependence .Because of the impact on health , social cohesion , crime , comor... more
Why Scorpion Stings Deliver An Insufferable Pain?
Although scorpion stings are well known to be extremely painful , it remains a serious problem worldwide because the molecular base is till poorly known .Why scorpion stings produce an insufferable pain ? LAI Ren and his colleagues at Kunming Institute of Zoology , CAS in China , UC Davis in USA and Zhejiang University in China have revealed this molecular mechanism .These data also offer some ... more
Kunming Institute of Zoology Reveals a Distinct Regulatory Circuit of SREBP-SCD in Regulating Lipid metabolism in worm
Recently , cooperating with Guangzhou Medical University , Kunming Institute of Zoology reveals a distinct regulatory circuit of SREBP-SCD in regulating lipid metabolism in worm .Therefore , they reveal zinc-mediated regulation of the SREBP-SCD axis in lipid metabolism distinct from the negative regulation of SREBP-1 or SREBP-2 by PC or cholesterol , respectively , providing novel insights into... more
New Findings Suggest that lncRNA-mediated Epigenetic Regulation Contributes to Brain Development and Ageing in Primate
Dynamic changes in structure and function of brain during development and ageing .Especially for primate neocortex which is composed of multiple functional regions with six well-organized horizontal layers segregated by multiple cell types and neuronal connections 。And Dr . ZHANG Yi at the Wuhan ABLife Inc . characterize lncRNA expression in rhesus monkey brain multiple regions with fine anato... more
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