Erasmus University Rotterdam Medical Center Prof. Joost Gribnau visits Kunming Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2018-09-30 | | 【Print】

Joost Gribnau, Professor, the head of department of Developmental Biology, Erasmus MC, the director of the Erasmus MC IPS core facility and the founding member of Oncode Institute for Cancer Research, was jointly invited by CAS Center Excellence for Animal Evolution and Genetics (hereinafter referred to as the center below) and the State Key laboratory of Genetic Resources and Evolution (hereinafter referred to as "key Laboratory") to the Kunming Zoological Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences for academic exchange on 16th August 2018. 

Prof. Joost Gribnau gave a wonderful report titled "Dosage Compensation, the x-factor unveiled" for teachers and students. He described the detailed study of inactivation of X-chromosome (X-chromosome Inactivation, XCI) especially in mammals, from the evolutionary process of sex chromosomes, the mechanism of inactivation of X-chromosome, to the factors that start and mediate X chromosome inactivation and how these factors regulate XCI in embryonic stem cells and mice. The report was fascinating, which aroused the strong attention of teachers and students. After presentation, he had a great discussion with teachers and students.


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The Center Director, Yong-gang Yao, had a meeting with Joost Gribnau at the end of report. During the meeting, they discussed the next possible cooperation in mice and primate researches from the cooperation model to the related expenses and so forth. Key Laboratory Deputy Director Baowei JIAO, and the center member Xiongjian LUO attended the meeting.


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Erasmus Medical Center of the Erasmus University was ranked 1th in Europe and 20th in the world, and also was named 5th of the 15 best medical schools in the world except the United States.


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