How and Why Men and Women Differ in Their Microbiomes? [ 2019-12-13 ]
Tumor Genome as “Living Fossil” Reveals Ancient Introgression from Coyotes to Pre-contact Dogs in North America [ 2019-07-12 ]
Researchers Decipher Forces Shaping Maternal Genetic Landscape of Han Chinese [ 2019-07-12 ]
Real latent common and specific patterns from genome-wide omics data across diverse interrelated biological conditions [ 2019-06-10 ]
Giant panda's bamboo diet still looks surprisingly carnivorous [ 2019-05-10 ]
Study reveals little evidence for a consistent diversity-disease relationship (DDR) in human microbiome associated diseases [ 2019-05-06 ]
A new way of studying biological networks provides key insights into the ecology and etiology of human microbiome-associated diseases [ 2019-05-06 ]
Researchers decipher the molecular mechanism of evolutionary transition from egg-laying to live birth in retiles
[ 2019-04-09 ]
Historical genomes help the conservation of the endangered bird--crested ibis [ 2019-04-01 ]
Scientists Find Routine Allomaternal Nursing in an Old World Monkey [ 2019-02-25 ]
Stable Isotope Analysis Provides Insights into the Diet Evolution and Habitat Contraction of Giant Pandas [ 2019-02-01 ]
Chinese scientists reveal the world’s highest-altitude snake genome for the first time [ 2018-12-29 ]
The cryptic monotypic natricine genus, Pararhabdophis, was re-discovered after 84 years [ 2018-12-29 ]
Researchers identified three lung microbial compositions which are associated with bacterial biomass, inflammatory response and COPD exacerbation frequency. [ 2018-09-07 ]
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